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About Herbie

Over 30 years ago I got to know and love Cyprus  of my UN mission. During my overseas assignment on this island I also came into contact with scuba diving in the chrystal clear waters of Cyprus. After the end of my military service I decided to dedicate myself completely to diving.
Although Cyprus is divided into two parts, the Greek Cypriot south and the Turkish Cypriot north, the island is absolutely peaceful. Contrary to many opinions there are no refugees from crisis countries like Syria.
In 1990 I made my big dream of my own diving school come true and I have never regretted it until today. I really live here on a sunny island with about 320 sunny days. From May to October there is not a single rainy day.
Since 1986 I have been teaching as a diving instructor and I still love it today as on my first day. It is always nice to see how the student diver grows with the exercises and tasks and develops into a safe and strong diver. For me it is very important that you take your time, especially for diving beginners. Only with a well-founded basic training you can build on this. As a PADI Course Director I attach great importance to diving safety and unconditional compliance with PADI standards. At the same time, however, fun should not be neglected. Diving, if done correctly, is pure fun and  so enjoyable.

In my career as a diving instructor and course director, I have met many great people and wonderful friendships have developed from them. It gives me great pleasure that so many former students and divers keep coming back on a regulat base to Herbie's Diving Paradise.

Come to us as a diver and leave us as a friend!