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Diving in Cyprus

Our corner here in the eastern part of the island has a lot to offer for our divers. Be it from the underwater creatures or the interesting bottoml formations, caves and smaller wrecks to our gem, the big wreck of the famous ferry ZENOBIA. This wreck is number 2 in the list of the top 10.

Of course, the Mediterranean is not comparable to the Red Sea. Although we have been able to admire a large variety of underwater creatures from the Red Sea here over the years, the expansion of the Suez Canal is now more than convenient. Due to the new relief channel in the Suez Canal, even more animal species are now coming to our diving area. The lionfish has been at home with us now since 2013 and is multiplying rapidly.

According to the marine biologist Prof. Dr. Peter Wirtz, who was diving with me a few years ago, already had over 60% of atypical species for the Mediterranean. Due to these immigrated marine animals and the very clean and clear water, our underwater world is interesting and beautiful.

Here are a few impressions of what our dive sites have in store for you.

Have fun looking at the pictures