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The wreck ZENOBIA has been in private hands since 1997. This Swedish RO - RO ferry sank on June 6th 1980 due to problems with the ballast computer on her maiden voyage from Piraeus to Syria. More than 104 trucks are still on board, divided over 3 loading decks. The wreck is 172 meters long, 23 meters wide with a draught of 13 meters. At 17 meters depth you reach the starboard side. With the port side she lies at 42 meters. A proud 10 000 BRT Swedish "RO-RO ferry". A wreckage fee is charged by the owners. This includes the cost of the boat, the wreck fee and lunch after the two dives. There are always 2 dives. In order to view this beautiful and large wreck properly, at least 4 dives are required. Between the dives there is a surface interval of 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Every dive on this wreck leaves an unforgettable impression. A MUST for every diver who visits Cyprus.


Nemesis III

The boat Nemesis III was sunk in December 2013. It is a retired fishing boat which is located very close to the Golden Coast Hotel in Protaras. On the one hand it is another interesting dive site and on the other hand an artificial reef. Already in the short time the flora and fauna has developed magnificently. The deepest point on the wreck is 24.4 meters. Best suitable also for not so experienced divers.



The Liberty is the first wreck to be deliberately sunk off Cypriot waters and is part of a large-scale project that will also promote the maritime life of the region and serve as a diving attraction. After her sinking, the wreck was "repaired" and made even friendlier to divers through painstaking underwater work.

The wreck of the Liberty is about 40 metres long and lies upright on a sandy bottom at a depth of 27 metres. It is a starter drug for beginning wreck divers. All three holds of the Liberty are diveable and connected to each other. Each of the holds has at least one exit, which leads back to the deck. The small bridge at the stern is also divable.


Interesting facts: This old Greek warship was donated by the Cypriot Ministry of Defense and sunk in March 2015 not far outside Ayia Napa to create an artificial reef to encourage the settlement of marine life in the area. A larger number of groupers, moray eels and many small fish have already made their home there.

  • Location: Agia Napa
  • Type of dive site: Artificial reef
  • Depth: 23 metres
  • Visibility: 25 metres
  • Access: By boat
  • Qualification Required: Advanced Open Water

HMS Cricket

The HMS Chricket was a British gunboat in the 2nd World War. After the end of the war the Captain's Bridge was dismantled and the boat was taken from Alexandria to Cyprus, where it was used as a target for training purposes of the Royal Air Force. In 1947 she sank during a storm. She lies with her keel up on the sea bed at a depth of 32 metres. With good buoyancy you can also dive underneath. Again you can see many lionfish, groupers, bream, moray eels, tube worms and also nudibranches.

This dive is always done in conjunction with the Bat Cave. First the Cricket and then the dive to Bat Cave.

Important: On the way from the Cricket to the Bat Caves we have to pass an English firing range and their firing exercises are often announced very close in time. To be able to do the dive at the Bat Caves we need at least 2 days notice.


The ELPIDA (english - HOPE) is a merchant ship from Greece, which is 63 meters long and was sunk on December 7th 2019 to a depth of 27 meters. The ELPIDA was prepared and sunk by the fishery authority. The wreck lays off the coast of Voroklini - Larnaca with the aim of enriching the biodiversity of the sea. It is expected that marine life there will develop rapidly. The deepest point is 27 metres and the main deck is 22 metres

There are no fixed boats available for this dive. If you want to dive at ELPIDA let us know at least 3 days in advance so we can arrange this trip..